Zing and the future of purchasing insurance

Zing is the complete consumer insurance solution for any e-commerce platform, taking customers beyond the checkout with cover that is both embedded and joined up.

Why is this important?  The traditional household and contents product offered by mainstream insurers is failing too many modern consumers.  People want peace of mind that their important possessions, hires and day-to-day activities are protected, but they often find the applications, products, annual contracts and myriad of insurers and aggregators a complete turnoff.

Zing is a new brand for relevant, transparent cover delivered on the websites and apps that people already know, use and trust.  And Zing presents powerful benefits for both our partner businesses and their customers.  

For customers, of course they benefit from a frictionless purchase of relevant cover.  This is peace of mind with as little as one click.  But Zing takes the customer relationship way beyond the checkout.  Through our modular subscriptions and our ability to recognise repeat customers across different e-commerce platforms, we join up our customers’ subscriptions in one intuitive Zing app, empowering consumers to manage their cover in one place, with the ability to start, stop, increase and reduce their level of cover on demand.

And every time a customer starts their Zing journey at the checkout, they’re benefitting from better value for money.  As much as 50p out of every £1 of premium spent on insurance is consumed in ‘customer acquisition’: the marketing, search engine optimisation and pay per click spend that does nothing to add to the value of the cover or service a customer receives.  By placing cover where customers actually want it, alongside the brands they already use, we can offer better cover that also represents better value.

There are great benefits for the brands that host Zing too.  This isn’t just about an ‘up sell’ or an ‘additional recurring revenue’; far more importantly this is about offering customers a genuine value add that enhances their shopping experience, driving up customer loyalty and post-purchase contact.  And if any of their customers have a claim with Zing, we believe that wherever possible and appropriate our shared customer should be able to return to them to resolve their claim with a renewed shopping experience.

Of course it has to be easy, and key to our expansion is the ease of implementation into our partner brands’ existing ecommerce platforms with just a few lines of code.

We think of Zing as an alchemy of technology and insurance knowledge and know-how.  We set out with a drive to make insurance cover simpler to buy, understand and manage.  Customer buying behaviour is changing, and we are working with our e-commerce partners to ensure that we deliver the peace of mind their customers want, where and when they want it.  In so doing, we add value to their customer relationship which drives up customer loyalty, contact and repeat purchase.  If you have your own consumer e-commerce platform we would love to work with you.

Find out more about how Zing works with businesses, here. Or, you can get in touch with us today! 

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