Introducing Zing Cover

It’s been a while since we first sat down at Zing Cover HQ to create a brand new insurance platform. One that would enable consumer-facing businesses to offer their customers value-enhancing cover provided at point of sale within their existing e-commerce platforms. Now, after all that time and hard work, and through an alchemy of equal parts insurance and tech innovation, we’re excited to launch Zing Cover.

We truly believe that insurance needn’t be a hassle, for you or your customers.  Indeed, at Zing we believe that relevant cover, that is seamlessly delivered within your website or app, can enhance your product offer as well as boost long-term customer engagement with your brand. 

With customer experience at the heart of Zing, we’re focused on ensuring the simple and transparent way your customers get insurance cover is an enhancement to their purchase experience. This added value is one that our partners are seeing as a differentiator that is supporting customer acquisition and long-term retention.

In addition to enhancing customer loyalty, the added benefit of Zing is the monthly recurring revenue stream that offering Zing Cover affords our partners. This varies by coverage module, but we will always provide a clear and transparent revenue projection.

As Zing cover grows and we add more coverage modules, we look forward to supporting the products and activities your business provides. If you’d like to talk to us about adding Zing Cover to your e-commerce platform, click here to submit a no-obligation Partnership enquiry.

if that feels like a good fit for your business and your customers, please get in touch.