Insurance as an e-commerce tool

We’re not talking about all the insurance your business buys to protect itself, we’re talking about how ensuring your customers have access to relevant, transparent and, crucially, accessible insurance can be good for your core e-commerce business.

The most obvious point is that embedding insurance for your customers in your e-commerce sales flow is a value add for your customers.  

Rob Korzinek, CEO of Zing Cover, believes “people want the peace of mind of knowing that their important purchases, hires and day-to-day activities are properly protected, but they find the complex policies, annual contracts and myriad of insurers and aggregators a total turn off”. 

Zing allows you to embed consumer insurance within your e-commerce platform which is really relevant, really flexible and really simple.  It’s also available with as little as one click, so no more inquisition style applications.  Your customers get to buy with confidence, and that’s good for the businesses that serve them.

But beyond the obvious, there are some powerful reasons why embedding insurance for your customers in your e-commerce platform can support your core business.  As Zing is generally embedded at the product review page, the offer of peace of mind cover attached to the product drives up buyer commitment to progress from product review to checkout basket.  Our data also shows that a customer who takes out Zing Cover is more likely to feel comfortable about spending more and doing so more frequently, making your customer up to 50% more valuable to your business.

Rob Korzinek explains how “properly embedded insurance should be a tool for prolonging your customer engagement.  Whether it’s the pain point of customers checking out ‘as a guest’ and disappearing without trace, or a lack of meaningful ways to engage with your customers post-purchase, Zing is a powerful tool to improve the quality and relevance of your customer engagement”.

Oh, and we’re completely transparent about the money we make from your customers, so you can be sure that your customers get great value from us.  We also share any profit we make from your customers with you, so you get an additional recurring and cumulative revenue for your business.  And this additional revenue comes guilt free because we don’t fritter away your customers’ insurance spend on expensive marketing, SEO or pay per click activity.  By actually putting insurance where people want to buy it, at the checkout, we cut out these costs and share some of the upside with you whilst still providing better value for your customers.  Everyone wins.

Now, let’s come to the elephant in the room: what happens when there’s a claim.  Many businesses, quite rightly, are suspicious of associating themselves with an insurer who is going to annoy their customers by not paying fair claims or by paying them only after a lengthy interrogation.  That’s not our style.  But you don’t just have to take our word for it.  Because Zing is serving your customers, we believe in bringing you into the process.  Following a claim, wherever possible, we want your customer to come back to you for a renewed shopping experience.  What better way to sweeten the pain of an insurance claim than being able to go back to the brand you already know, use and trust to get things sorted out.  This is unlike many household insurers who have central purchasing agreements with third parties that may actually see your customer receiving replacement goods from one of your competitors.  It also means you get the benefit of a repeat sale and a new, positive interaction with your customer.  

Our simple API implementation is, well, really simple and our team are here to make sure that a Zing integration places the minimum of extra work on your development team and fits in around your routine development cycles.  We may already have a plug in available for your platform to make things even easier.

So whether it’s a brand differentiating value add for your customers, better customer loyalty, better customer data, more repeat sales, additional recurring revenue or, ideally, all of these, we believe that insurance is genuinely good for your business.  

If you’d like to talk to us about adding Zing Cover to your e-commerce platform, click here to submit a no-obligation Partnership enquiry.

Zing Cover is a trading name of Covertech Limited.

Covertech Limited is an appointed representative of Lonmar Global Risks Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm reference number 947295 to carry out insurance distribution activities. Covertech Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12159675 whose registered office is Zing Cover, The Dock, Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2SF.