Accelerator programme brings extra Zing

Not every new insurtech can say/boast that they have presented their concept to the government, but that is exactly what we were invited to do back in June this year. The rare opportunity was part of the launch of the FinTech Wales Foundry and we were one of a highly select group of start-ups asked to present to the Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen MP.  

The FinTech Wales Foundry has been designed to develop and support FinTech start-up companies, and Zing Cover was selected by Admiral Pioneer, part of the Admiral Group, headquartered in Cardiff. The accelerator programme lasts for 12-weeks and includes exclusive access to a host of highly experienced mentors and investors with the ultimate aim of supporting – and accelerating – the development of great ideas that bring real value to the sector and, ultimately, to customers and partners. 

It is a real privilege to be part of the inaugural Foundry programme. It has already not only provided us with exposure to some of the best and most experienced entrepreneurial and financially astute brains in the sector, but it is helping us finely tune our ambitious growth strategy.  

The opportunity to see our business and plans from other perspectives has been a real eye-opener and has provided us with even more confidence in our model, our product offering, service, and overall strategy. We were already excited about the future of Zing Cover and can’t wait to forge ahead, develop new partnerships, and help transform the insurance sector with embedded insurance that is joined up for customers, retailers, and insurance carriers.  

“…as a startup, we’re always worried about the things that we haven’t thought of yet and being part of a cohort of startups in an ecosystem of people and companies that work with startups or have been one themselves is invaluable.” 

Robert Korzinek, Co-Founder and CEO of Zing Cover 

The three-month programme has already been running since June, and two weeks ago, we attended a cohort pitch night in Cardiff. Our CEO, Robert shared the full story behind the what and the why of Zing Cover and the opportunities it brings to partners and investors. The response to Rob’s insightful presentation on the powerful benefits of our easy to integrate embedded insurance platform was very positive and it was great to discuss with like-minded market disruptors why Zing is great for customers and how our approach can provide the seamless journey at point of purchase combined with tailored pricing and coverage that customers, and the retail brands, all want. 

Watch the full pitch here:

As we look to push ahead with Zing Cover we are looking forward to the support on our journey over the rest of the accelerator programme and the valuable additional support and long-term opportunities presented by our participation in the Foundry initiative. 

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